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Luxury Pet Care Services for
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Client Contract

Click here to download our standard contract between Mountaineer Pet Care Center and the pet owner. You can sign it ahead of your visit and bring it with you or contact us with any questions. Thanks!


Required Vaccinations for Canines

Vaccine Frequency Other Names
Rabies Every 1-3 years,depending upon vaccine given Required by State
Distemper Every 1-2 years, depending upon vet Part of DHLPP/DALPP
Hepatitis Every 1-2 years, depending upon vet Part of DHLPP/DALPP
Leptospirosis Every year Part of DHLPP, lepto, leptospira
ParaInfluenza Every 1-2 years, depending upon vet Part of DHLPP/DALPP
Parvo Virus Every 1-2 years, depending upon vet Part of DHLPP/DALPP
Bordetella Every 6 months - 1 year, depending upon vet Kennel Cough


Required Vaccinations for Felines

Vaccine Frequency Other Names
Rabies Every 1-2 years depending upon vaccine given  
Viral rhinotracheitis Every year Part of FVRCP
Calicivirus Every year Part of FVRCP
Panleukopenia Every year Part of FVRCP
Distemper Every year  
Feline Leukemia Every year FeLek


Proof of current vaccinations is required for ALL PETS that receive any services at Mountaineer Pet Care Center. All vaccinations must be administered at least 48 hours prior to check-in, by a licensed veterinarian. MPCC must receive written proof from a licensed veterinarian, documenting that the pet has received the above vaccinations, and that they were administered within the above listed time frames. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience, but due to concerns of human and animal safety, we are not able to make exceptions to the above requirements.

WARNING: Veterinarians vary in their “core” vaccination protocol. Not all vets routinely give all of the vaccinations we require. You must discuss your vaccines with your veterinarian. Even if your pet had the correct vaccinations in the past, they may not have had the same vaccinations on your last visit. Vets sometimes alter their vaccination practices without remembering to tell you that they have changed.

Additionally, state laws and state vaccination requirements vary. Not all states require vaccinations to be updated as frequently as West Virginia. Consequently, if your vet is updating your rabies vaccine pursuant to your state law, it may not comply with West Virginia's laws.

To ensure that all of your vaccinations meet our requirements, we recommend that you print out this page and bring it to your vet.


Medication administration is provided at no additional charge during your pet’s stay at the resort. All medication must be provided at check-in, and administration procedure must be documented in writing prior to your departure. Please bring a list of all medications and dosage information. Upon arrival, you will be given a weekly pill container, and asked to separate your pet’s pills by day and time of administration. Please allow sufficient time to accomplish this accurately. Additionally, we request that you bring with you sufficient medication for at least two additional days’ stay. In the event your return is delayed, your pet will still be safe and healthy when you return.


All pets are provided a comfortable, warm and soft bed. Sturdy elevated resting pads are provided in each suite. These raise the animals sleeping area off of the hard flooring, providing warmth, and ensure all pets a consistently dry and clean bed. Soft, comfortable bedding is provided by the resort. All dogs are provided with specially designed sleeping bed. The bed is quilted and washable. Provided beds are made from multi-layered fleece for warmth and easy cleaning. Geriatric animals are provided with memory foam beds with a soft, washable, micro-fiber cover to cradle their older joints. All resort bedding is washed and exchanged daily.

Pets are discouraged from bringing their own bedding, because, due to washer and dryer capacity, we are unable to ensure that the bedding is maintained in accordance with our standards for cleanliness.


MPCC’s pet resort has five separate outdoor exercise areas of varying sizes, from 350 square feet up to 4500 square feet. They are all filled with a pet-friendly, pea-sized gravel. This gravel ensures proper drainage, and prevents mud, allowing pets the opportunity to obtain adequate exercise, no matter what the weather. Additionally, the limestone gravel permits complete removal of animal waste, and the prevention of urine buildup, preventing the spread of disease. Due to the ample exercise space, all dogs are exercised a minimum of six (6) times daily.

Exercise is included with all animal visits. Animals are exercised individually, or in family groups, with the participation of the pet care worker. Playtime activities will vary, depending upon your pet’s interest and participation. We have toys, balls, a pool, of course people, available to help entertain your pet, and ensure some active participation. We do NOT mix animals from different families in the exercise areas. Years of experience has taught us that animals have uncharacteristically hostile attitudes when in an unfamiliar location.

Pets are permitted to bring their own toys, if desired. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that all toys will be returned, or that toys will be returned in their original condition. Please label all of your pet’s belongings with your pet’s name, in waterproof marker.


MPCC feeds Purina ProPlan premium pet foods. In over 20 years of pet care, we have found that Purina ProPlan provides the smoothest transition from home feeding, and helps prevent intestinal distress often caused by a sudden change in food. Your pet will be fed one of the following, as is appropriate for its age and weight: Purina Pro Plan Chicken Adult Dog, Large Breed, Puppy, or Weight Control food.

All pets are fed two times per day, morning and evening. Breakfast is served between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. Dinner is served between 3 p.m. and 4 pm. Diabetic Pets are served 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., in conjunction with their injections.

Food from Home

You are welcome to bring your pet’s regular food for feeding while at the resort. As we feed pets twice per day, please separate your pet’s normal daily allotment into two meals. (We don’t want them to be upset when the other pets are fed, and they are not.) Please separate your food into individual Ziploc baggies, by feeding portions. If your pet is fed canned food, please put a label on each can, with the appropriate feeding information. If your pet eats less than one can at each feeding, please bring a lid to seal your pet food can. (Please inform the receptionist if your pet food must be refrigerated.)

Due to space limitations, we are unable to store pet food in its original bag. If you arrive at the resort without your food separated and labeled, you will be provided with baggies and asked to separate and label your food prior to your departure.


All pets are given treats during their daily interaction with the staff. Most pets are fed regular Healthy Baker Biscuits, large Milkbones, or colored small Milkbones. Pets with delicate teeth are given soft treats, such as Soft Milkbones & Pupperoni Treats. When you check in, please advise the staff if your pet is NOT permitted to receive treats, or has any allergies or special dietary concerns.

If your pet is unable to receive normal treats, we suggest bringing your own acceptable treats, or purchasing treats in the lobby. Pets notice when they are the only animal not receiving treats.

Holiday Boarding

Deposits will be required for all boarding reservations that fall within 7 days of the following holidays and school break periods:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Day
  • Easter
  • Winter and Spring Breaks
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • WVU Graduation

Deposits will be taken at the time of reservation for the total amount of the stay, in the form of credit card, check or cash. Holiday deposits will not be refunded unless cancellation is made in accordance with the terms below.

In order to receive a refund of your Holiday Deposit, your cancellation request must be received and confirmed by MPCC at least seven days prior to your scheduled check-in date. (For example: If your check-in date is the 25th, your cancellation must be confirmed by the close of business on the 18th.)



I acknowledge that I am booking boarding at Mountaineer Pet Care Center during a designated HOLIDAY period. I authorize MPCC, Corp. to charge my credit card at the time of booking for the total amount of the my reserved stay. It is my obligation to inquire from MPCC, Corp. the total amount of the deposit being charged.

I understand that I must cancel MORE THAN 7 DAYS prior to my check in date and time, or my deposit will be forfeited, in full. I also understand that if I check out earlier than reserved, I will be charged for all reserved days.

I have been informed that all cancellations must be confirmed with a computer generated cancellation number in order to be valid.

If I fail to show up for my boarding reservations, I understand my authorized deposit will be charged to my credit card, and will be non-refundable.

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