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Luxury Pet Care Services for
Morgantown, WV and the Tri–state Region

Their Tails are Always Wagging!

Great place for boarding pets and superb grooming…hands down!
“When I get close to this boarding kennel, with my dogs in the back seat, they stand up and start sniffing the air and wagging their tails. When we pull into the parking lot and I hook up the leashes, they pull me to the door. Just knowing that Gracie and Carolina love this place is a great reassurance that the people that operate it and work at Mountaineer Pet Care actually pay attention to my dogs and that the dogs love to be taken there. Great place for boarding pets and superb grooming...hands down!” - Fran W.

I love Mountaineer Pet Care.
“Dorothy is very respected in this business. She has taken care of my animals for many many years. Max loves her, Maggie is thinking about loving her. She loves her when she doesn't touch her feet !!!! Max loves to initiate the place every time he goes. Mountaineer Pet care deserves an A+ in my book. My animals are in good care with the folks here.” - Michelle T.

Outstanding Service and Care.
“Dorothy has been grooming and boarding our three year old maltese, Paris since she was a puppy. Paris has always received excellent care, lots of love, and attention. I would never consider leaving her anywhere else. If Dorothy is not available. Paris has to come with us.” - Phllps R.

This is the ONLY place I would trust to care for her when we are away.
“Can count on them! Dorothy and her staff have been grooming and boarding our dog Paris since she was ten weeks old. This is the ONLY place I would trust to care for her when we are away. She is completely spoiled while in their care. I refer everyone here for boarding or grooming. Wonderful facility and very caring service by knowledgeable professionals.” - R.P., Morgantown, WV

An awesome Grooming business!
“My cat Misty is a long-haired Calico. She is also a very big cat. So hair is always flying everywhere. She also does not like to be brushed. So she gets her hair in knots and then has the problem of hair balls. When the problem gets too bad, I call Dorothy Thrasher at Mountaineer Pet Care to come here to groom the cat. Dorothy comes out to my apartment in her van, and takes Misty out there to give her a lion cut. Misty hates me for about two days after her cut. The cost to have Dorothy to come out to your house is about $62.50, but it is well worth it. She does an excellent job grooming your cat. It is a great service for people like me who has a disability, or has a timid cranky old cat like Misty. Dorothy says Misty is very good for her out in the van. I cannot say enough good things about Dorothy. I have used her as a groomer many times and she is always polite and I think she offers a very unique and great service to cats.” - Vickie S., Morgantown, WV

Best of…all boarding kennels in the Tri-State area.
“Sidney & I both love MPCC! The only place I will board my baby! Beautiful facility. Very caring and attentive staff. Clean and bright. Brand new addition. Cute pet-related gifts. Unusual pet toys. Very skilled and friendy groomers. I found this facility while visiting relatives in town. I wasn't able to have my pet with me the entire time, due to our scheduled activities. I checked out this facility, and it got wonderful references around town. The staff was friendly and informative. They showed me where my dog would be sleeping, and answered all of my questions about his care. ***** Sidney, my dog, requires medications and special care. They provided the extra attention he needed, and administered all of the medications as well, all at no extra charge. They didn't charge for feeding him his own food, and let him bring his comfy objects to make him feel more at home. He received lots of attention and exercise, and I wasn't charge additional fees for “play time” or “ love.” He even got a free bath! Great!”- C.K., Cincinnati, OH

Definitely recommend them.
“We've used the Mountaineer Pet Care Center twice for daycare for our dogs, and have been very pleased both times. The staff is very attuned to the needs and personality of the individual animals, and very accommodating and easy to work with. Definitely recommend them.” - Kris J.

Very safe and comfortable...
“Great place! Very safe and comfortable for my four legged children.” - Marta K.