Dog Boarding

At Mountaineer Pet Care Center, all dog boarding guests enjoy a safe, fun and active stay. We believe that all pets deserve love, care, exercise, food and treats. Because of this, all of these items are included in the price of all stays at the resort. We provide bedding and replace it daily. We have four types of accommodations, and are happy to help choose which stay would be best for your pup.

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We provide four different boarding areas for dogs.

Winter & Autumn Forest Luxury Suites

Winter & Autumn Forest Luxury Suites

The Winter Forest and Autumn Forest are our 2 private luxury suites, each measuring 12 feet by 14 feet with 4 human windows and 2 dog door windows. Guests enjoy 24-hour access to a private, fenced outdoor yard. Additional amenities include:

  • Toy box
  • Adjustable height food and water bowls
  • Leather couches
  • Ceiling fans
  • Televisions with dog-oriented DVDs
Spring Forest Indoor/Outdoor Suites

Spring Forest Indoor/Outdoor Suites

The 25 indoor/outdoor suites that comprise our Spring Forest area include extra-large pet runs with see-through sealed pet doors and security guillotine doors. During staffed hours, dogs have free access to their private outdoor run. All indoor/outdoor suites include resting pads and age-appropriate bedding.

Meadow Indoor/Outdoor Suites

Newly Renovated! Meadow Indoor/Outdoor Suites

These suites (5 feet by 12 feet indoors and 12 feet by 12 feet outdoors) of the Meadow offer similar amenities to the Spring Forest suites in a somewhat quieter area that affords less visual contact with other pets. This includes a pet sofa, resting pads, and 24-hour music! This area is utilized primarily for older pets or those that become nervous when around other dogs.

Wooded Path Indoor Suites

Wooded Path Indoor Suites

This very public area contains 5 indoor-only suites and is typically favored by very small and timid pets that are unaccustomed to the sights or sounds of other pets. Guests in the Wooded Path enjoy a constant view of the staff. Elderly pets have cushy orthopedic bedding; smaller pets have "pet tents" for added privacy.

Exercise Yards

Our pet resort has five separate outdoor exercise areas of varying sizes, from 350 square feet up to 4500 square feet. They are all filled with pet-friendly pea-sized gravel. This gravel ensures proper drainage to prevent mud, allowing pets the opportunity to obtain adequate exercise, no matter what the weather. Additionally, the limestone gravel permits complete removal of animal waste and the prevention of urine buildup, preventing the spread of disease. Due to the ample exercise space, all dogs are exercised a minimum of six times daily.

Exercise is included with all animals that visit. Animals are exercised individually, or in family groups, with the participation of the pet care worker. Playtime activities will vary, depending upon your pet's interest and participation. We have toys, balls, and of course people, available to help entertain your pet and ensure some active participation.

Exercise Yards


We utilize cubbies to store your pets' belongings during their stay with us, and have limited space available for storage. Please view our policies for items to bring from home.

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