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Luxury Pet Care Services for
Morgantown, WV and the Tri–state Region


Use the links below for all current pricing:


Visits to the Resort are charged just like a hotel. The pet is charged for the day of check-in, regardless of the time of check-in. The pet is, then, charged for each day of occupancy after the date of check-in. Any check out time after noon on the day of check out counts as an additional day of boarding. 


Indoor Suite: $45.00 per day
Indoor/Outdoor Suite: $45.00 per day
Private Luxury Suites: $60.00 per day


$35.00 per day

Other Pets

Ferrets: $15.00 per day
Rabbits:; $15.00 per day
Hamsters/Mice: $15.00 per day
Birds: $20.00 per day
Snakes (dead food only): $15.00 per day

Call for pricing
on pets not listed.

Geriatric Fee: $5.00 per day

Geriatric pets that must be supported to walk or stand, or that must be repeatedly bathed due to elimination control difficulties, will be subject to this additional fee, at management's sole discretion.


Dogs: $25.00 per day
Cats : $18.00 per day

Luxury Spa Bath


Small: $40.00+up
Medium: $45.00+up
Large: $50.00+up
X-Large or Large Longhaired: $55.00+up


Cats: $35.00

Other Pets

Varies depending upon pet

Professional Pet Styling

Styling prices are calculated based on the size of the pet being serviced, and the length and texture of the coat. Prices below are base prices, set for an average-coated pet of the size listed. Pets that require extensive scissoring, based on breed, will be higher than the base prices. Also, difficult and/or aggressive pets will be charged additional fees.


X-Small: $50.00+up
Small: $60.00+up
Medium: $70.00+up
Large: $90.00+up
X-Large or Large Longhaired: $100.00+up


Cats: $85.00+up

A La Carte Spa Services

Nail Trim: $15.00
Nail Polish**: $10.00

Specialty Shampoos and Services

Conditioning: $6.00
Medicated: $6.00
Oatmeal: $6.00
Capstar Flea control pill $20.00
Ear Hair Removal**: $5.00
Anal Gland Excretion*: $15.00
Teeth Brushing: $10.00
Undercoat Removal**: $10.00 per 15 minutes (beyond first 15 minutes)

Day Stay with Groom*

Cats: $10.00
Dogs: $12.50

* with bath or style
** must be scheduled in advance

Special Discounts (only one discount per visit)

Pet Spa

Pets visiting the resort, who also desire a Luxury Spa Bath, or other Spa Package, during their visit (excluding Grooming/Styling or “a la carte services”), receive a discount of $5.00 per pet.

Last Day of Boarding

No charge for last day ONLY if checked out PRIOR TO 12:00 PM

Luxury Bath Service

No charge after 5 consecutive paid days of overnight boarding

Long Term

15% off entire stay, on 8th day of stay


10% off of each pet, for entire stay

Senior Discount

10% off of entire stay for pets owned by a senior age 65 years or over